Rowena Murray’s ‘Endgame’ Workshop

for people trying to get back on track and finish a PhD thesis

August 2020

During lockdown, I’m hearing that writing has, understandably, slipped onto the back burner for many people. We have other demands on our time – childcare, home schooling, caring and much more. Some of this is lovely, but even if you don’t have these demands, it seems that working online all the time takes more time and can be exhausting. This doesn’t leave much time or energy for academic writing. So, I created this new workshop to help people get back on track and, if possible, carve out a way to complete the thesis – hence the ‘endgame’ title. I think this workshop will be most helpful for PhD students submitting the thesis in the next 6-12 months.


How it works is that I will introduce four strategies over four weeks for developing the thesis argument. You will write a piece each week, and I’ll give you feedback on all of them.


When? Wednesday/Thursday mornings 9.30-12.30: August 5, 12, 19, 27.

Cost is £100 per person. (VAT not payable.)

Participants limited to 10.


Writing activities to be used in this workshop:

  1. Writing a 750-word thesis summary
  2. Writing a 300-word thesis abstract
  3. Writing introductory paragraphs for all thesis chapters
  4. Writing the thesis Conclusion chapter.


To book a place on this workshop, email