Dates for structured writing retreats in 2019

@ The Black Bull Hotel, Gartmore & Bowfield Country Club near Glasgow (all with Rowena Murray)

  • WRITING RETREAT: 9-11 September. Venue: Bowfield
  • TRAINING FOR RETREAT FACILITATORS: 11-13 September.¬†Venue: Bowfield
  • WRITING RETREAT: 16-18 October. Venue: Bowfield
  • WRITING RETREAT: 13-15 November.¬† Venue: Gartmore
  • WRITING RETREAT: 20-22 November. Venue: Callander Hostel
  • WRITING RETREAT: 4-6 December. Venue: Gartmore

Other people are running retreats on other dates, using my Structured Writing Retreat format. I recommend Maureen Michael, Marie Fletcher - and Michele Cano - They all completed my Training for Retreat Facilitators Course, have experience of running many retreats and are great to work with.

Last updated: 23/5/2019